Welcome to our website!

Pro Regio Siculorum is a civil initiative to promote Szeklerland, a historical region in Central Romania, mainly consisting of the area of three counties, Covasna, Hargita and Mures.

It is one of our main goal to inform the international community about the situation and aspirations of Hungarians from Romania. Our NGO promotes regionalism and regional development, as well as the strengthening of regional identity.

We believe our region’s long standing regional and cultural idenity is an added value to all of us living here, therefore we act in order to preserve it. And since our community will only flourish through progress, we embrace European values and principles in all aspects of communitarian development. Our region has wonderful potential in almost every field, in business, in culture, in tourism.

We would like to contribute to an increased openness of Szeklerland to the world, by presenting the opportunities and the attractions of our homeland. And in the same time, we would like to shed some light to the problems we are confronting with, in hope of finding suitable and sustainable solutions for our community.